Why pick a coach holiday?


When researching and booking your holidays what mode of transport do you normally think of? Aeroplane? Train? Car? But have you ever experienced a luxury coach holiday?

We have gained all the feedback from our holiday goers around what benefits there are when going on our package holidays, and we want to share this with you…

Peace of mind – one of the main reasons for going on holiday is to be able to relax and enjoy some time away from reality. To help do this, the ideal situation is that you and your group don’t need to do any of the boring paperwork, however, you have peace of mind that it is all in safe hands! All you need to think about is what to pack and to get to the coach on time to board for your worry-free travel where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views!

Friendly atmosphere – Feedback from our past holiday adventurists have complimented the atmosphere onboard as being friendly throughout the whole of the journey. This applies to the friendly service of the drivers and tour escort, plus it is very easy to make friends on the couch and get to talk to others who are experiencing the same holiday package as you. This is especially good for solo travellers.

A complete package – When viewing our holiday packages, it's always key to note that there is a lot involved within the itinerary and the cost includes all! Included in the whole package is; travel, accommodation, meals and excursions - basically everything! All the admin is done by us all you need to bring is yourself and your excitement!

Local to you – The downside in having a holiday via aeroplane can be that you need to arrange transport to get to the airport and back and there is always that anxious feeling when you have to let go of your luggage until you land on the other side! With a coach holiday, you have local home pick-up and drop-off meaning less hassle and you know your luggage is travelling below with you.

Great value – You need to see our brochure and experience our holiday packages to realise first hand how much of a great value the whole experience is! There are so many inclusions within the price and excursions are all included in this package. No additional fees and no need to worry about parking or fuel. Just bring your pocket money for a sweet treat of your chosen destination's cuisine.

We understand the stresses of researching, booking and planning your holidays so this is why we believe with a packaged coach holiday all that stress gets taken off you and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your experience away.