Warehouse pipelines promise positive signs for Staff Shuttles


As of April 2022, climate-related financial disclosures are now mandatory for larger companies in the UK (500+ employees). This highlights the UK government's commitment to ensure market participants have better information to adequately understand climate-related financial risks and opportunities to support the transition to net zero. Now more than ever, there's a need for businesses to look toward a modal shift.

With companies under more pressure to reduce their carbon emissions, adopt sustainable practices and remain competitive, Sentieo (the financial Intelligence platform), has noted a significant increase in mentions of near-shoring. This is supported by findings from the Official of National Statistics (ONS) which note that the amount of business premises used for transport, logistics and warehousing in the UK has almost doubled in the last decade. Additionally, CBRE Research found that third-party logistics dominated take up so far at 27%.

These upward trends in warehouse occupancy are proving to be a positive sign towards the potential adoption of staff shuttle services across the UK. Lambert Smith Hampton found that 2021 was a record year for significant segment take-up with Retail & Wholesale accounting for 36% of the take-up and Manufacturing shortly behind at 21%. With the fashion industry accounting for 31% of online sales in the UK, retailers and manufacturers alike will look to their warehouse real estate to remain competitive. 

There’s no denying that staff shuttles are an essential part of retaining and recruiting warehouse staff, particularly amidst increases in fuel prices and the ongoing cost of living crisis. However, Staff Shuttles are also an over-looked and environmentally-friendly solution to reducing the overreliance on single-occupancy vehicles, car parking spaces and remaining competitive.

All of these findings coupled with increasing pressure from local communities to reduce noise and air pollution around warehouses prove to be a positive sign in the uptake of staff shuttles across the UK logistics industry. 

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