Does travel boost your mental health?


As travel becomes easier following the pandemic, we're asking the question Does travel boost your mental health?.

Simply, yes - travel can boost your mental health. But how? From giving you more time to helping you unwind, there are many mental health benefits you can gain by travelling. We delve into the reasons why travelling can increase that all important serotonin in your brain. 

1) Escape everyday stresses

For many people, travel allows them to disconnect and relax. Whether that means ‘switching off’ on the way to work for an extra 40-winks or jetting off to an exotic adventure, travelling allows you to escape your everyday stresses. This time whilst travelling also gives you the chance to think, reflect and recuperate. 

2) Meet new people

You don’t have to be back-packing across Thailand to meet new people whilst travelling. Something as regular as your morning coach commute to London allows you to meet new people. You never know, you may find someone who you couldn’t imagine your life without in a few years time! 

3) Experience new things and new cultures

When someone says ‘new cultures’, do you instantly think of foreign lands? Us too, but this isn’t the only way to experience new things! Travelling from South East England all the way to Scotland can be how you experience those new things. Just because they’re in your home country doesn’t mean they’re not new to you. New things are good for the brain! 

4) Travel is an act of self-care

Travelling alone can seem daunting but it’s another great way of boosting your mental health. Being a solo traveller allows you to be truly selfish and explore the world as you see fit. How about staying local to uncover some hidden gems? Or you can expand your perimeter by hopping on a plane and venturing into a brand new country. The options are yours! 

5) Sense of accomplishment

From ticking things off your Bucket List to creating lifelong memories, your mental health can really benefit from these travel-based achievements. The key is not to force things - just relax and enjoy the moment! Your brain will thank you for that much needed rest and who knows, you may discover something new about yourself in the process. 

6) Something to look forward to

And last, but certainly not least, travelling is something to look forward to! There’s nothing more exciting than looking forward to that trip you’ve had planned and wondering what’ll happen. 

I think we can all agree that travel is perfect for boosting your mental health and we can’t wait to help you plan those fantastic trips. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan your perfect trip - there’s nothing to stop you lookin’ and bookin’!