Why outsourcing your team’s supporter travel can benefit your club


Have you ever thought about outsourcing your team’s supporter travel requirements before? There are many reasons why outsourcing your travel arrangements can benefit your club. Let’s explore further… 

The benefits of outsourcing

From managing your pick up points and routes to providing an inclusive service for all supporters (young, old and supporters with disabilities), outsourcing your team’s supporter travel can reap many benefits. These include saving you time and money in addition to providing a stress-free travel experience for your passengers. By outsourcing your travel management, many related costs are effectively removed from your club – associated staffing and technological costs as well as access to software, and overheads can be reduced or even removed. Overall the benefits of outsourcing your team’s supporter travel will provide a smooth and simple solution to potentially more than one problem. 

What problems does it solve?

As a club, you’ve got more important things to worry about than managing ticket sales for your supporter’s travel. Of course, you want to make sure your supporters are able to get to and from the venue safely, but we know you need to focus your time on making sure your team wins their next fixture and then going on to win the league!  In short, outsourcing your team’s supporter travel requirements can solve many problems, such as:
  • Making sure your supporters arrive on time.
  • Managing communications with the supporters such as itinerary distribution.
  • Providing an all-inclusive transport solution for all supporters.

How do I begin?

Firstly, we’d recommend outlining your requirements from your passengers -  in this case, the supporters. Do they require bespoke routes? Do they need their own booking portal? Or do they want to get to and from the venues as simply as possible?  Secondly, are there any more requirements that the club itself has? Do you want to ensure all travel communications are handled in a timely manner? Do you need someone to manage all contracted coaches, making sure they meet international standards? And do you need someone to make sure all supporters are looked after to the highest standard without worry? Once you’ve outlined everyone’s must-haves, you then need to find a one-size fits all company to cover those needs.

What is the next step?

As mentioned above, once you’ve outlined your requirements it’s then up to a company, like us at National Express Transport Solutions, to provide you with a bespoke transport solution that covers everything you’ve asked for, and beyond. 

We don’t mean to brag but our extensive history in transport solutions covers all of the highlighted problems mentioned previously and we have experience in providing solutions for clubs across the UK.

Just ask Southampton FC… "Southampton Football Club is pleased to announce its continuing partnership with Coliseum Coaches (part of National Express Transport Solutions) as its chosen coach provider for supporters' away travel. It is important for our supporters to enjoy comfort and style when heading to away games. Coliseum's high quality vehicles and excellent customer service will provide them with great value, comfortable and hassle free travel when following the club to future away matches." Chief Commercial Officer at Southampton Football Club.

In summary

Now you’re aware of what outsourcing your team’s supporters travel can do for your club, we’ve summarised some of the benefits below:
  • Promoting sales and travel offers
  • Managing sales through your own booking portal
  • Contracting coaches that meet the required international safety standards
  • Managing route options from an initial pick up point
  • Managing park and ride options at various pick up points
  • Communication with supporters travelling including sending itineraries 
  • Ensuring all feedback and issues are handled correctly as to not have a negative impact on your team
  • Providing a service for all supporters, including young supporters and supporters with disabilities
For further information on how we can support you here at National Express Transport Solutions, please visit our Sports Coach Hire page.