NXTS Cocktail Menu

To celebrate National Cocktail Week and have a little fun, we have picked a cocktail that represents the regional brands that make up National Express Transport Solutions! 


The Kings Ferry - Cuba Libre

A Cuba Libre is a classic favourite with the simple ingredients of rum, coke and twist of lime. This cocktail best describes The Kings Ferry as what you see is what you get - classic, simple and no fuss. The Cuba Libre can be a standard drink or somewhat of a classy VIP combination depending on the preference of rum.

Clarkes of London - Blue Lagoon

A blue lagoon is recognisable by its striking blue colour which is achieved by the addition of blue Curacao. This cocktail represents the memorable blue teal coaches of Clarkes of London. A popular sight in our capital city, you can spot a Clarkes vehicle from a mile away like how you can spot a Blue Lagoon from the bar!

Stewarts Coaches - Expresso Martini

An Espresso Martini is a sophisticated drink served in a classic martini cocktail glass. This elegant and professional cocktail is best to describe Stewarts Coaches. With its strong ingredients including coffee, this is the definition of a classy beverage for our VIP customers.

Woods Coaches - Old Fashioned

An ’old fashioned’ is a classic and simple drink that contains some strong liquors including whiskey. Normally served in a classic whiskey glass, with ice and garnished with an orange slice. This best describes the strong and traditional coach operator, Woods Coaches.

Lucketts Travel - Margarita

Lucketts Travel is well known for its package holidays and day trips, especially during the summer at some of the UK’s best summer destinations! Due to the holiday theme, the best holiday cocktail to compare to Lucketts would be the classic margarita! This cocktail holds the memories of sun, sea and sand which are all things that the Lucketts Holidays can offer.

Mortons Travel - The Grasshopper

Mortons Travel is recognisable for its green, classic coaches so obviously we needed to find a cocktail to match!- The cocktail that literally jumped out at us is The Grasshopper! Its fresh mint flavour and green colouring best describe the incredible Mortons Travel.

Solent Coaches - Tequila Sunrise

Bournemouth is best known for its sandy beach, lively nightlife and pier views. Solent Coaches, located in Bournemouth needs a cocktail to match the beach destination. Can you take a guess on what this could be? Of course, it would be a strong and exciting Tequila Sunrise, best for a sun holiday drink!

Worthing Coaches - Tom Collins

Worthing is the perfect coach operator for a classic coach holiday away to somewhere in the UK and is popular for their summer holiday adventures. It's only fair to describe Worthing Coaches as a classic, holiday cocktail that tickles the taste buds of holiday goers everywhere… drum roll, please… Worthing Coaches are the classic, Tom Collins!

Coliseum Coaches - Cointreau Fizz

Lastly, a perfect summers’ day is not complete without the fresh taste of citrus orange. Cointreau Fizz tastes as exotic as it sounds and its bright orange colour and flavour is perfect to describe our holiday experts - Coliseum Coaches! Not only are they good for holidays but also have the bright orange branding to match!

So, there you go, the perfect cocktail menu to describe our team of coach operators that form National Express Transport Solutions.

It only seems fitting to describe us as one of the UK’s favourite cocktails. Something fresh with a twist that appeals to everyone…

One last drum roll, please…

Yes, we are best described as a tall glass of Mojito! All-round favourite and the people’s go-to!

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