Christmas Party Guide


It may seem strange to be thinking about Christmas now but believe it or not, it's October and Santa will soon be on his way! During these unprecedented times, you may not have returned to the office yet but the annual work Christmas party is approaching, whether this year is slightly different, we believe you still need to be fully prepared for dodgy dancing and festive jumpers!

National Express Transport Solutions have researched into some COVID friendly work-do ideas, the dos and don’t and have the best solution to get your safe party transport. Given the fact that social gatherings are only limited to a certain number of people, the location needs to be appropriate, plus the party games need to be zero contact - Maybe less alcohol involved!

We have asked our Travel experts the best ideas for a 2020 work Christmas party and here they are…

1. Brunch

Lately, a popular idea for all types of groups has been a fancy brunch with selections of good food and drinks! This is a perfect way to get the team together, dress up and catch up. Best of all these brunches normally come bottomless!

2. Outdoor team bonding

To socialise, strengthen the team and just have all-around fun why not do something a little different this year. Get the team together, (maybe not in the normal Christmas party attire) and build up some competitiveness and positive morale! You can always go for a celebratory drink after!

3. Utilise your office

Trying to get the best location that can cater for your team might be tough this year and budgets might be small, so a good alternative is to get creative in the office. Make a playlist and put up the disco ball. Just make sure you are on your best behaviour- no dancing on the tables!

No matter the location, there are some very obvious dos and don’ts, especially as you may not have seen these people for the majority of 2020 and may have been off the tipple for a while! Here’s the important list...

1. Do Dress To Impress

Dress smart – remember you are around your boss and colleagues so you want to avoid anything too risky. If in doubt ask your colleagues what they will be wearing and if all else fails you can’t go wrong with a Christmas jumper!

2. Don’t Get Over The Top Drunk
Christmas is a time to be merry but when it comes to alcohol and work, this can often lead to some embarrassing moments if not kept in check. Try to pace yourself and don’t let the mulled wine get the better of you and talk you into office politics.

3. Do Avoid Social Media

Social media can be great but you don’t want to come across as that person who documents the whole evening from behind a screen. Enjoy being in the moment, take the time to have fun and get to know your colleagues on a personal level.

4. Do Keep It Professional

Although a Christmas party is the time to unwind, remember who you’re with. You don’t want to get too familiar with your colleagues or behave inappropriately in front of your boss. Try to stay away from the gossip mongers if you’ve had a few drinks, you wouldn’t want to say something you might regret in the morning.

5. Don’t Make ‘The Move’

While there may be a lot of Dutch courage going around, an office party is not the time or place for a drunken hook-up. In a survey by Recruiting Times, 39% of people admitted to ‘intimate activity’ at the office Christmas party. Office flings can have a really serious effect on your career and reputation, so before you do anything, consider the consequences of your actions!

6. Don’t Overindulge

We all love free food but you don’t want to be remembered as the one who ate everything and left none for everyone else. While it’s a great idea to eat if you’re drinking alcohol, be mindful of your colleagues. They need to eat too!

7. Do Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! Get involved in the festive games and have a boogie on the dancefloor with your boss. It’s important to let your hair down and forget about work. This is your chance to show your colleagues a bit of personality, show them the relaxed and fun side of you.

You don’t want to get on the naughty list with work as well as Santa, so take note of the above!!

Lastly, with all the free-flowing booze on offer, it’s easy to forget how much you’ve drunk, even if you’re not feeling the effects. It’s best to be safe than sorry so make sure you have arranged transport for you and your colleagues at the end of the night. That way at least you will have a safe way of getting home if you’ve had one too many. A great way to ensure you all get home safely is by hiring a private coach.

Whether you need a simple shuttle service picking people up from different locations and dropping them off, or are looking to continue the party after on-board our luxury VIP coaches, we have a transport solution suitable for any office Christmas party.

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